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The Fedora council has approved IoT as an official Objective with the Forth Edition eventually being part of the key deliverables via a working group. I believe with IoT being such a broad topic we'll need a IoT landing page, @mattdm will likely have some further thoughts on this. So something like iot.fpo.org with various details of what we offer etc.

The official edition won't land until F-29 (maybe later) but it would be good to get something before that so we can start to educate people as it evolves. This is a tracker for some of those details.

Would love to work on this if thats okay!

Thank you @pbrobinson for filing this ticket so early, we will need to figure out what IoT will be, because if it is going to be an edition, it needs to go on getfedora.org. If not, then we can make a website for this specifically, but we will need some more information about what we offer, main target, etc.
I am copying in @duffy to see if she has some ideas about a mockup, once we know more.

The goal is definitely to make a new edition. This may happen as soon as F29 — for F28 it will be a "side" deliverable. F29 is the ideal target, and F30 the fallback.


Ok then it will probably go to getfedora.org, once it is an edition.
We can make a iot.fp.o one pager website and then add the content to getfedora.org when the WG is ready for an edition. iot.fp.o could then become a redirect to the new place where iot will live.

@sadin I think this is rather complex to begin, but if you don't mind we can go through it together, in order to let you understand how the build process and translation work.

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@mattdm @robyduck are we dropping atomic edition at some point or is that staying or being replaced with something else?

AFAICT Atomic is and will remain one of our main editions, there is no plan actually to drop it.

And yes, I know, the main problem here is not adding another page, but having 4 columns and many other things we need to rewrite on all other pages.

It is currently super-unclear what is going to happen with Atomic Host in the future as a result of the CoreOS acquisition. Except for Fedora's involvement, Project Atomic never got significant non-Red-Hat contribution, and Red Hat is planning to "ultimately" (see this press release from today) have Red Hat CoreOS supersede Red Hat Atomic Host. What that means for Fedora Atomic Host is mostly up to the Atomic WG to decide, and I guess we'll figure out what we want to do as the Council from there.

But right now, it's all still up in the air. In any case, I think it's incredibly likely that we'll end up with four editions, whatever they're called.

I want to post what I have so far for you @robyduck . I worked on this today and yesterday. It seems the front page needed a refresh anyway. Does this make sense so far?


@duffy ooh, yeah that makes sense and I like it. Having Workstation more prominent also is a good choice. Not sure about the "About", "Download" and "Help" sections on top, but I guess this is all in the TBD frame :)

To make this happen (that's a complete rewriting of getfedora) we will need some help, maybe @ryanlerch is able to find some time too ;)

I have created a getfedora-IoT-redesign branch where we can work on the new getfedora.org website. My suggestion here would be to do it step by step:

  • Rewrite the index page of getfedora.org (see mockup above)
  • Add a IoT page and a IoT download page, remember we need to update also the scripts for that
  • Keep Workstation and Server with the actual look, we can update them for the next release cycle

Would be nice to cleanup also the app.css file of the classes we don't use on the new getfedora.org website....


Posting the design review of the mockup so far from @kylerconway :

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
I actually love the workstation/server/etc. graphics without the circles and hovering slightly above and out of the containing box. It doesn't draw the eye as much that it's a distinct element though (but the download arrows are highlighted quite well).
I tend to think about these things as conversion channels -- and I realize I don't know what official fedora version is most downloaded (or, which fedora would most like to be downloaded).
Just because of shapes, sizes, and placement my eye moves right past workstation to the triptych at the bottom (in part due to the darker color background of left and right).
Is the magazine article pull going to refresh with new content? (Also, is that the bottom of the homepage?)

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
yeh the ws one is a bit weak right now
probably should have a screenshot or illustration
yeh my thought is the mag content would get pulled from the rss

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
That's awesome for the Mag content. That part's great.
I think more people would see it (it took me a long time to know it existed, and the homepage would have helped).
Does this section link anywhere?
You potentially have the option of adding some guiding language that could break up Workstation from the other releases. I think a textual break under workstation might help a bit.
Workstation is what most people who don't exactly know what they're looking for are probably looking for (right?), and IoT, Server, and Atomic are for doing something different, something more.
That wallpaper looks great on the laptop though. -- first impression of that image is: I want this on my computer.

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
yeh workstation is what everyone reviews
which section are you asking about linking?

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
Actually -- you could use the great image of the laptop next to workstation -- that might give it the visual bump it needs and direct the eye better.
(link question was the blue screenshot I pasted above).

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
ah the pastes arent coming thru

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
Oh. It's the blue USE/MODIFY/DISTRIBUTE section.

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
see i thought about that but wasnt sure what would go on top. maybe an illustration. ill try it.
ah. i was thinking itd link to the about fedora page
w upsell on joining community
i dont know if you saw the illustration svitek did for the podcast but i love it, could have illustration in that style up top and push laptop to ws section

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
It's pretty big depending on what the goal is. (And, from that one project I did earlier about joining design, I think it would need to have more text and a clear clickable element for me to follow.)
I don't think I did see it, but can try to look tonight. I guess I'm just thinking if most people visit the page you want to see:
1) Fedora -- New Release -- Workstation -- Download now

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
yeh, i think it merits the real estate tho. how we make fedora and the floss bit is a differentiator o think

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
2) other releases (also new): IoT, Server, Atomic)
3) Thinner call to action: learn more, join us.
4) Fresh articles from Fedora mag (i.e. we're a super-active/helpful community)
I agree -- my bias here is coming from a totally different world.
Perhaps a blend of language could work: Fedora Workstation is an innovative, free, easy-to-use operating system for laptop and desktop computers with a complete set of tools built by, and for, developers and makers of all kinds.
And some of the other language could go in the blue "who is Fedora, learn more, get involved" section -- still on the page.
Take with grains of salt.
(also, I'm hoping this is useful -- let me know if I can be more useful in some other way) :)

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
i was thinking of moving the blue block down maybe

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
It provides a nice break for the magazine logo to attach to, but could work.
I really do like it! I just looked at the existing site again and love love love this one! Much easier to find download buttons, and see the different releases (and that laptop photo is great). Immediately visually refreshing (especially after the broken links with the dog!)

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
I've got to change locations -- so going afk (is that term still a thing?) for a bit. When will the new site be going up?

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
yeh i can figure out magazine logo placement tho
this is just a mockup i did this week, i havent shown it before
im guessing f29 wpuld be a target

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
If this is early stages I'm super-excited for what's coming!

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
lol it is :-)

K_REY_C[m] (IRC)
I love having fedora mag on the front page like that. It's so much more approachable than "read the docs"
Okay -- I'm changing locations. Great work!

mizmoFedora Project (+fedoraproject:matrix.org)
later! thank for the critique!

This doesn't really affect the design and is not critique related -- but we may want to consider how Atomic is shown here, later in the process. My personal crystal ball tells me we should be making that more of the default for how we offer at least Server and Workstation, meaning we might want to highlight that technology somehow as opposed to segregating it just as an alternative. But my crystal ball isn't always reliable. "Answer is hazy, ask again later."

EDIT: I meant to also say, this looks fabulous. :smile:

Content for the site at https://iot.stg.fedoraproject.org/

Fedora Internet of Things is a variant of Fedora focused on IoT
ecosystems. Whether you're working on a home assistant, industrial
gateways, or data storage and analytics, Fedora IoT provides a trusted
open source platform to build on. Fedora IoT produces a monthly
rolling release to help you kepe your ecosystem up-to-date.

Where do we stand on getting this out of .stg.fp.o?

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