#236 New website has layout problems when javascript is disabled
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by gholms.

When Javascript is disabled text boxes overlay themselves upon everything else on the left edge, significantly degrading readability. This is probably best illustrated via the attached screenshots.

I just made some changes which should take effect in about an hour. Could you retest and let me know if it looks better?

Stuff doesn't overlap any more. That layout should work just fine as long as the articles (?) that are supposed to rotate through the top bit of the page don't become too numerous.

I understand your concern. As I mentioned on IRC, i don't expect to have more than a few 'slides'. If we do add more than 5 slides, we'll have to clean up the nonjs stylesheet accordingly, so it doesn't make the browser just scroll infinitely with the slides.

Thanks again for confirming that it is behaving in a usable manner.

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