#1013 please migrate to the new Fedora translation platform
Opened 9 months ago by jibecfed. Modified 24 days ago

Hello, the Fedora project migrates its translation platform to Weblate [1].

This tool directly interact with your git repository, and requires us to know:

  • [mandatory] which branch is your development branch?
  • [mandatory] have you merged latest translation from Zanata and locked the project?
  • [info] Weblate will handle updates when pot file changes, don't edit po files for this [2]
  • [optional] what is the license of translation? (please use a code from https://spdx.org/licenses/)
  • [optional] do you have any announcement/warning you would like to display to the translators? (it will be displayed in Weblate)
  • [optional] do you need us to activate any specific checks? (this is a setting per component [3])
  • [optional] do you need us to automatically detect new translation files? (typical usecase: website translation with one translation file per page)

Please note:

  • For github and gitlab hosted projects, Weblate open pull request. For other git hosting, you'll have to add a key to allow commits.
  • In Weblate's vocable, one project is a group of component. Each component is a translation file. You can have many projects or many components or both.
  • You can change your mind over time, just reach trans@lists.fedoraproject.org

[1] https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-localization-platform-migrates-to-weblate/
[2] https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/admin/continuous.html#avoiding-merge-conflicts
[3] https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/user/checks.html#translation-checks

I opened a Pull Request to test the impact of Weblate on our websites with some questions: https://pagure.io/fedora-websites/pull-request/1014

I should be able to do most of the migration with some guidance of people with experience on how generation works.

#1014 was cancelled
#1015 applied the required change to move to zanata
#1016 is waiting for review

last step are:

  • fix the sync-po files with help of @misc (either remove it or adapt it)
  • add a cron to call the tools/l10N_update.sh every day or weeks.

So, I did remove the sync-pos target, but maybe it would have been better to just replace the target by a call to tools/l10N_update.sh ?

Hello, just noting this here: a new page was added to labs.fp.o for the Comp-neurofedora lab. The page contains the required bits for translation, but it seems to be missing from weblate completely.


We need the pot files to be refreshed, either manually by or automatically.

So, I did remove the sync-pos target, but maybe it would have been better to just replace the target by a call to tools/l10N_update.sh ?

I think l10N_update.sh requires to have commits rights on https://pagure.io/fedora-web/translations which probably isn't the case for most contributors.

I feel like a daily task calling l10N_update.sh would do the job.


Just checking if this is still an issue? I wanted to get the comp-neuro lab translations done before we get to the release days.



Sorry for another ping. Is this still an issue? We'd like to try to have the pages updated before the release this time.


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