#1010 [F32] Adding Comp-neuro lab to labs.fp.o
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Opened by @ankursinha as fedora-web/websites#71:


The Comp-Neuro lab was accepted as a change for F32. We need to set up a page for it on labs.fp.o. How would we go about this please?


cc the neuro-sig @major @bt0dotninja @alciregi @mhough @zbyszek @sagitter @gicmo @blackfile @dan1mal @lbazan @sagitter @victortyau @sergiopr @terezahl @tanvi @sergiopr

@ankursinha to start, we'll need some content for it. You can look at the Python Classroom Lab as an example.

Basically, a brief description of what it is, some screenshots (if you want) and some features etc. You can provide this in whatever format you want and I'll start getting it into the format the site needs.

Thanks @bcotton . We'll start working on this. When would this be needed by? (It'll help us prioritise our tasks).

cc @major @zbyszek @alciregi @gicmo @mhough (I wish I could @neuro-sig XD)

The beginning of March is probably a good target. That's a nice balance of giving you time to generate the content and giving me time to turn it into a website. Of course, if you have some stuff ready ahead of time, we can get started sooner.

Sorry---we had it all ready and then dropped the ball on the task! Here's everything. Please edit it as necessary:

Summary text

"A plethora of Free/Open source computational modelling tools for Neuroscience in one easy to use downloadable image! Download, install (or don't!) and get down to work!

The NeuroFedora team has developed the Comp-Neuro lab specially to enable computational neuroscience. It includes everything you will need to get your work done---modelling software; analysis tools, general productivity tools---all well integrated with the modern GNOME platform to give you a complete operating system."

Banner image

We have three choices. Please pick one you looks best:

Featured applications

We have six with logos:






We'll skip the screenshots.

Does that look OK? Can we do anything to help get it all up?

Ack. I'll try to get it set up this week in a separate branch so we can start seeing what it'll look like.

@ankursinha I've committed an initial version of the content that you can build locally and check out.

There are still some outstanding tasks:

  • Replace the header image (I opened design#674 to request one)
  • Add app descriptions (if you want them)
  • Add to the front page

I can merge this once you're happy with it and do the front page adding on release day. Let me know if you want changes.

Looks very good! I'll add app-descriptions in the next few days. Sorry, forgot that bit!

I merged the initial version. We can add app descriptions whenever you have them. Later this week I'll create a PR that adds Comp Neuro Lab to the front page, which can be merged as part of the update process for the release.

Confirmed that the page shows up now, although the apps look a little off. I might need to tweak image size or the page source. I'll work on that later this week.

Image sizes fixed and I got a logo image from the design team. The only thing left is to add app descriptions and a link to the front page.

I actually need one more thing from the Design Team, but it's not a blocker at this point. I've opened PR #1026 to add the front page content on release day.

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