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Check the validity of SoureN: URLs in the the Fedora package collection
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Jason Tibbitts committed 5 years ago


Checks the validity of SourceN: URLs in Fedora spec files.


fedora-source-url-check -d /path/to/specfiles
    Checks each specfile either directly in the specified directory, or in
    the direct subdirectories of the specified directory.

fedora-source-url-check -g
    Grab the nightly tarball of rawhide specs and check them.

fedora-source-url-check -G
    Grab the git checkout seed, unpack it and check all of the packages

If neither of -d, -g or -G are specified, the current dirctory will be checked for specfiles and package checkout dirctories. -d, -g and -G are mutually exclusive.

Other arguments

-b blacklistfile
    Specifies a blacklist of packages, which will not be checked.

    Prints this text and exits.

-i  pattern
    Include only specfiles matching the specified pattern.  This overrides
    the default of "*.spec */*.spec" so you must be careul to specify the
    needed directory structure if you wish to preserve the default behavior.

    When problems are found, look up the maintainers of the relevant
    packages and include that in the generated report.

-p jobcount
    Run jobcount download in parallel.

-t directory
    Specify a temporary directory,  If not speciied, one will be created
    randomly in TMPDIR.  Note that the created one will be renoved
    automatically, but one specified will not.


    Runs with debug output sent to stderr.  Specify multiple times for more
    output.  Note that this may not be particularly useful with parallelism.

    Prints the version and exits.