Releases 6

If the developers have upload one or more tarball(s), you will be able to find them in the release folder.

The CHECKSUMS file contains the checksums (sha256 and sha512) of the files uploaded to pagure.

To use this file, simply download it next to the tarball you downloaded and run

sha512sum -c CHECKSUMS

* Improvements in RPM macros * Add support for handling local crates * Add option to copy crate into current working directory * Filter non-linux dependencies automatically * Translate SPDX licenses into Fedora ones (for Fedora and Mageia) Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 7aa00ca1ca9a9b740d06419ceafa630c640948d8d61f79af814d4271d21887603fd133a4455e464a541353c683ad96a9ca5091b86d4c743590dea7c36400683d
* Add cargo dependency for runtime (devel subpackages) * Use cp instead of install in macros in order to keep original permissions * Ignore yanked versions when no version is specified * Pass --no-fail-fast for cargo-test * Treat optional dependencies as "features" as well * Add support for "rlib" crate-type * Add support for Mageia and (open)SUSE in template Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: e2bf56691beb3475bc1d7c7e95780b85e7dce9a66eb1991c2ade6ac0d11b1e87640b8fb58aabb7713e4c093758685e5ab0d0a1bf3dc9d4bd7fb3f9c4076f0b94
* Switch to /usr/share/cargo/registry for storing crates * Explicitly set rustdoc in macro so it won't collide with the one used by user * Add initial support for pre-release versions * Add support for versions with multiple wildcards (like 1.*.*) Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 9b6fe5a5205de2e2f4b1dcd06f2bf20a9cbdf558a31e743cad94d9cb83c2b2cf6e565bd44ce429d9738eef8e30569ec2e3edb54ee2bc4de0643a2b5e49cca075
* Use rich dependencies to fulfil requirements * Automagically strip [dev-dependencies] when building without tests * Add support for wildcard in version * Generate initial changelog * Use rust-packaging for BuildRequires to break loop * Other cleanups and fixes Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: f8ecbc04da72fe3fd46d97553befcf3a1d9465dda3a50b25c1c7e7ce5d6f940bdf7f1f3bcf783f2266afe06c833c2b5fdc4e80ea714cfbe1721b2c6cf197dd31
* Automatic generation of summary and description * Initial patching of metadata * Save generated spec/patch as files instead of printing to stdout * Support for proc-macro kind of library * %cargo_build and %cargo_test are now accepting any parameters * Automatically strip [dev-dependencies] when %check is disabled Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: bf650c1042db3762797b918665d2a072323d716be74cc0f045774fdfc7f06162dfb6af80fc857192b3e79cae85f80fb53292f73433b902475f0231fbe5b0ad3d
Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 5a0f840f296650804b85d24978054f12dbc1085e498da49abaf523ca8022b7ed0951ade4184cb81891a4dc6fd6a466563ac73fb953a3f9090e431a41af2fb553