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Bugfixes and some small new features: - new %crate_instdir convenience macro with the path to the installation directory - license and documentation files are now installed just once under %crate_instdir and are marked with %license and %doc there - link flags are now passed using the RUSTFLAGS envvar and include package note linker script (when %_package_note_file is defined) - CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS are passed to the processes started by cargo - rpmautospec can be disabled with --no-rpmautospec - minor tweaks to existence checks, documentation file detection, license tags, version handling and spec file naming
A release with bugfixes and cleanups: - fix autodetection of rpmspec if it was already used in the existing spec file - fix parsing of ID_LIKE in os-release files - drop unused __cargo_skip_build logic - improve handling of the upper bound in dependencies with ~ in version - minor improvements to grammar and whitespace in generated output
* Fix parsing of features with "+" in their name * Convert SPDX license data to Unix line endings * Add "Python-2.0" to list of acceptable licenses * Use Fedora 35 for Fedora license helper script * Add simple %license and %doc file auto-detection * Add optional support for rpmautospec (autorelease, autochangelog) * Use changelog timestamp format without time and timezone on Fedora
* Return printing of BuildRequires into the %generate_buildrequires section
rust2rpm changes: - set User-Agent header to "rust2rpm" to work around new API limits, which prevent rust2pm from accessing - introduce new unwanted-features setting in .rust2rpm.conf files to prevent subpackages for specific "unwanted" features from being generated spdx2fedora changes: - map LGPL-3.0-or-later to LGPLv3+ - map LGPL-2.1-or-later to LGPLv2+ - map EUPL-1.2 to EUPL 1.2 rust-packaging changes: - add riscv64 to %rust_arches
* Update `__version__` in `` Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 525f15ef3332951175d28019fb8f4da688c9be75abe0a566dd18ec071a93e293814c0f6b9bad01c35c57c8b324f36975a8f971076b03f1711dfc48d1f4c4d4ea
* Use `--no-track` for `cargo install` * Support versions with multiple wildcards (e.g. `1.*.*`) * Ignore `Cargo.toml.orig` which causes issues with build of many crates Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 3edbeb5f160b47708f0fc1b2f1243fa4eb8b3603351e977a327d4f5a682c1deda784e53687c0433fc914cd3cdc34c8eb260f79cdb35213ee3db947a19cd800df
* Generate %files entries with '%{version_no_tilde}' * Add support for using multiple features at a time in cargo-inspector * Implement support for "renamed" dependencies Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 2ad9a5fc747b3ab48d39cc27ccae30c86bd1d150bcc91178349e2a31c4a9add584e9a33f58ddfc82a9ac8dee9e783025a6b7812fff225d2aa3e1f680d348142a
* Set proper Version field for pre-release versions of crates Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 38cac67188ce38e6d1f2fa27b3284c4923b5ccfdb4149b24bc38c691afd6324618a0508260cc8247b8e8cf7ff6fc070508df8f8bacd2e7ebe3081ea6b6678b95
* When dynamic BuildRequires are turned on, propagate arguments to %cargo_* * Few improvements in algorithm of description splitting into a summary * Ignore Cargo.lock for installation (publish lockfile feature in Cargo 1.37+) * Replace semantic_version dependency by custom parser * Add MPL-2.0-or-later and 0BSD into a Fedora SPDX mapping * Pass --cap-lints=warn into the RUSTFLAGS to prevent FTBFS after dependency and/or compiler updates * Enable dynamic BuildRequires by default for Fedora target Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 996fc2e44771e93afd1d971236ea8ada97b042538e83645b0387ae572d67f393c93195e238c6579ad5ee88f18a621a403ec6dc15489d0f4719de1f5b6f287d00
* Translate '-or-later' and '+' license suffixes properly * Check /usr/lib/os-release in addition to /etc/os-release * Prettify summary and description automatically * Use %{expand:…} for %description to avoid escaping of newlines * Add '--suffix' option for "compat" packages * Implement option to skip building of crates (aka fast/bootstrap build) Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: e3efb8954305bab99e9a0224b77873c0275b015ea3154d45d83ea18d35a51af7c7db286717b8c3e941cb193c7a1df9b1c6956ddd90173ab044d9f357a7eda5b8
* Always put upstream license in spec * Fix version in egg-info * Remove accidentally left Cargo.toml.deps * Fix packager detection fallback Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: fcc158ff4cd259eef9577b2a99f4b1b73c9aef85439dbe311c4fa8dfa597acdb810e424b915992d41fce64ae76e34357eebfbdc218dd3a0a71ba6fc88fefeebb
* Pass `-Ccodegen-units=1` in RUSTFLAGS * Switch to `%{build_rustflags}` Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 48ddf371642b01785b5150b42335aaf5d800dfd07db7463c9da04d0d2159bfc679075ac6c46824e7315509ff89e2ae3debaee4cefa99affb8289013f75943ce7
* Generate %doc statements for readme from Cargo.toml * Split features into subpackages (`rust-$crate+$feature-devel`) * Add support for dependencies with same name * Add support for user configuration (`.rust2rpm.conf`, `_rust2rpm.conf`) * Option to not generate default changelog entry (`--no-auto-changelog-entry`) * Set `CARGO_HOME` to the local `.cargo` (required by new Rust) * Improvements for crates with pre-release versions * Fix `%cargo_install` with crates which use whitespace in files * Do not put unneeded optional dependencies in BuildRequires (`-Z avoid-dev-deps`) * Option to use all crate features when generating spec file * Use new-style changelog format (with TZ info) on Fedora * Option to use dynamic BuildRequires (requires RPM 4.15+) * Environment variables to control packager identity Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 26302a30a51fc217f539c907a882a4db5737051cb1ab9adebe1ce6a90d578b0ca7f99cd1b6ebf5abf3aeb64bbdfd2a3e9a20b84dd858d2978b1415e20aed22ff
* Improvements in RPM macros * Add support for handling local crates * Add option to copy crate into current working directory * Filter non-linux dependencies automatically * Translate SPDX licenses into Fedora ones (for Fedora and Mageia) Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 7aa00ca1ca9a9b740d06419ceafa630c640948d8d61f79af814d4271d21887603fd133a4455e464a541353c683ad96a9ca5091b86d4c743590dea7c36400683d
* Add cargo dependency for runtime (devel subpackages) * Use cp instead of install in macros in order to keep original permissions * Ignore yanked versions when no version is specified * Pass --no-fail-fast for cargo-test * Treat optional dependencies as "features" as well * Add support for "rlib" crate-type * Add support for Mageia and (open)SUSE in template Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: e2bf56691beb3475bc1d7c7e95780b85e7dce9a66eb1991c2ade6ac0d11b1e87640b8fb58aabb7713e4c093758685e5ab0d0a1bf3dc9d4bd7fb3f9c4076f0b94
* Switch to /usr/share/cargo/registry for storing crates * Explicitly set rustdoc in macro so it won't collide with the one used by user * Add initial support for pre-release versions * Add support for versions with multiple wildcards (like 1.*.*) Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 9b6fe5a5205de2e2f4b1dcd06f2bf20a9cbdf558a31e743cad94d9cb83c2b2cf6e565bd44ce429d9738eef8e30569ec2e3edb54ee2bc4de0643a2b5e49cca075
* Use rich dependencies to fulfil requirements * Automagically strip [dev-dependencies] when building without tests * Add support for wildcard in version * Generate initial changelog * Use rust-packaging for BuildRequires to break loop * Other cleanups and fixes Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: f8ecbc04da72fe3fd46d97553befcf3a1d9465dda3a50b25c1c7e7ce5d6f940bdf7f1f3bcf783f2266afe06c833c2b5fdc4e80ea714cfbe1721b2c6cf197dd31
* Automatic generation of summary and description * Initial patching of metadata * Save generated spec/patch as files instead of printing to stdout * Support for proc-macro kind of library * %cargo_build and %cargo_test are now accepting any parameters * Automatically strip [dev-dependencies] when %check is disabled Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: bf650c1042db3762797b918665d2a072323d716be74cc0f045774fdfc7f06162dfb6af80fc857192b3e79cae85f80fb53292f73433b902475f0231fbe5b0ad3d
Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 5a0f840f296650804b85d24978054f12dbc1085e498da49abaf523ca8022b7ed0951ade4184cb81891a4dc6fd6a466563ac73fb953a3f9090e431a41af2fb553