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Created 7 years ago
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Script to print compressed hardware info for systems with switchable graphics
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Adam Williamson committed 7 years ago


switchcheck is a small, GPLv3+-licensed script to produce a very compressed string containing some information about systems with switchable graphics adapters. It was written for the Fedora 25 Switchable Graphics Test Day. It has no dependencies outside of the Python 3 standard library.

switchcheck gathers key information from xrandr --listproviders and graphics adapter PCI IDs from lspci -nn, and uses ps (stupidly) to determine if the display server is X.org or Wayland. It then stuffs this information into as short a string as practicable, and prints it. This string is intended for testers to use as their 'profile' on the Test Day results page, allowing QA and the developers to identify each tester's configuration.