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This repository holds the Behave desktop tests for Fedora
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Lukas Ruzicka committed 4 years ago

Fedora Desktop Testing using Behave and Dogtail

If you want to try out the Behave desktop testing on Fedora:

  1. Prepare a VM with Fedora Workstation. Use the version that you want to test. The tests are being developed for Fedora 30.
  2. You do not have to create users, but create a root account.
  3. Boot the Fedora machine and ssh into it as root.
  4. Create a directory where the tests will be placed and clone this repo git clone https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/fedora-desktop-testing.git.
  5. Go into the repo's main directory and run the submodules_setup.sh script to fetch the correct version of that submodule.
  6. Use the VM_setup.sh to set up the virtual machine.
  7. Enable passwordless sudo.
  8. For user test disable going to sleep when idle in gsettings.
  9. Go into a test subdirectory and run tests using runtest.sh.