Fedora cloud Tests

This repo contains 2 ansible playbooks to test the latest Fedora Cloud and Atomic images.

Directory Layout

Each test is split out into a role in the roles/ directory. Both the cloud.yml and the atomic.yml inherit several base tests from main.yml via an include at the very beginning of each playbook.

Running Playbooks

Both playbooks, cloud.yml and atomic.yml are able to be run without any extra options on the command line:

# For a Base Cloud image # ansible-playbook -i inventory cloud.yaml


# For an Atomic image # ansible-playbook -i inventory atomic.yml

Every test (or role) in the repository has an associated tag, so if you just to run a single testcase, append "-t role_name" to the end of the above commands to run that testcase.

NOTE You have to provision a machine to test against as well as create an inventory file pointing to that machine. I add ansible_user=fedora and ansible_password=<password> for ease of use (You can use testcloud [1] to provision a machine easily - in that case, the password will be "passw0rd").

Why Ansible?

There are a couple reasons. First, it's an easy way to manage and run tests. Second, it does all the basic things you'd want in a test runner. Third, it's the method that Project Atomic uses [0].