#192 staging discussion links are not correct
Closed: Fixed a year ago by kparal. Opened a year ago by kparal.

For example here:

  • The "BlockerBugs App" link goes to production
  • The bugimg is downloaded from production (which then obviously doesn't know the bug number, or displays a completely different bug with the same number)

This is either a code problem or a staging configuration problem, needs investigation.

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a year ago

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a year ago

So actually there are two problems. The infra config didn't specify the right variables, that is fixed here:
(@tflink please review, thanks!)

And also the variable handling wasn't correct in the code, that is fixed here:

Commit 1f2ecc9 relates to this ticket

Commit b00d1d2f relates to this ticket

The fixes are now deployed to stg and they work well. Closing. Thanks @frantisekz .

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a year ago

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