#116 Changes are evaluated at beta freeze while they may have a different contingency deadline
Opened 2 years ago by churchyard. Modified 7 months ago

When we were discussing Fedora 30 incomplete changes I've noticed one thing: the GHC change has a contingency deadline at branching but we are checking it at beta freeze. This makes it impossible to activate the contingency mechanism at the given deadline.

I don't want to add any extra work you @bcotton's plate, but I think something needs to be changed in the change process:

  • either we have all contingency deadlines at beta freeze (or later)
  • or we evaluate the criteria for each change at it's own deadline

@bcotton let me know if I shall keep this here or move to fesco

I think the "evaluate the criteria for each change at its own deadline" option is more appropriate. It is a little more work on my plate, but I think it's the right approach.

It shouldn't be too much effort to note which changes need to be evaluated at which point. I can do that for F31 and beyond. Realistically, there are probably three point where a contingency plan would need to be evaluated: branch, beta freeze, and final freeze. As I work on some new tooling with GSoC students, that might be a good feature to add.

So the new tooling didn't work out. In the meantime, I just added support for including the contingency deadline in the ChangeSet page. This is an incomplete way to address the underlying issue, but it at least improves the visibility somewhat.

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