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A collection of miscellaneous packaging-related utilities
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Miscellaneous Utilities for Fedora Packaging

This repository contains some random utilities related to Fedora packaging.


Accepts a file of source package names, one package name per file. This should just be the name, not including any version/release information.

Outputs two lists to stdout:

  • One listing each package alongside all of that package's maintainers
  • One listing each maintainer alongsize all of the packages in the list which they maintain.


Will download and unpack the nightly specfile tarball or git checkout seed.


Finds all specfiles in a given directory which contain the BuildRoot: tag (regardless of case).


Will find all specfiles in a given directory which include %defattr statements immediately following a %files section which only set the default values.


Will work through a tree of binary RPMs, find all those which contain scriptlets matching a given pattern (outside of comments) and produce a list of the corresponding source packages.

For convenience, will look for ldconfig and install-info calls when called as find-ldconfig-calls and find-installinfo-calls, respectively.


This lists all orphaned packages that are not retired on master. Needs Python 3.7 and aiohttp.