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Operating procedure for IRC meetings  |  http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/
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Fedora Meeting SOP

The purpose of this document is to collate the set of best practices used during IRC meetings on the Fedora channels with the aim of making meetings more efficient and fun! This is a living document, please feel free to propose improvements to it.

Before the meeting

  • Set up a meeting time (http://whenisgood.net or http://doodle.com are quite useful)
  • Pick a chair - the chair iterates over the items in the agenda
  • Set up an agenda - having an agenda to follow gives attendees a chance to prepare for the meeting

During the meeting

  • Use zodbot liberally to improve the meeting minutes:
    • #startmeeting <meeting name> - start the logging; a meeting name is compulsory
    • .hellomynameis <fasusername> to introduce yourself
    • #meetingname <meeting name> - usuallythe name of the team meeting
    • #meetingtopic <topic> - overall meeting topic
    • #topic <current topic> - current topic under discussion (usually one from the agenda)
    • #action <nick> - assign an action to a nick
    • #agreed - note an agreement
    • #chair <nick list> - set nicks as meeting chairs
    • #idea - note an idea
    • #link - note a link
    • #accepted/#rejected - accept or reject
    • #commands - show a full list of commands
    • #endmeeting - end the meeting
  • use meeting shorthands:
    • +1 to agree
    • -1 to disagree
  • request turns to speak
    • use ! to request a turn to speak, ? to request a turn to ask a question
    • use EOF when you're done to give up your turn

More documentation on zodbot commands is available on the wiki.

After the meeting

  • send the logs out to the mailing list, and to meetingminutes AT fedoraproject DOT org.
  • update meetings wiki page if one is being maintained
  • carry out assigned actions

Agenda template

  • roll call
  • news and general updates
  • follow up of last week's action items
  • current meeting items:
    • tickets (trac/pagure)
    • mailing list follow up
  • new items
  • open floor