#283 [TRACKING TICKET] Fedora Podcast Website
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I'm opening this ticket to keep track of the Podcast Site creation.

The tickets opened for this are:

Any other will be added in comments.

If my idea is not wrong, as today the work is on design for a mockup to websites to bring it on.

Design ticket has been marked as newbie, and commented as "looking for designer"

Infrastructure'se ticket ( fedora-infrastructure#7296 ) was closed as complete. I have access now to secondary01.fedoraproject.org when we have the path /srv/pub/alt/podcasts/ where the episodes live now.

Design's ticket got updated. @terezahl is working on the design!

Updating this:

The current situation is:

  • Design is done
  • Infraestructure give a quota of space to store the episodes
  • I got lost between Infra and websites in how to currently have the site running.

We want a wordpress instance with is presumably done by infraestructure:

@x3mboy for wordpress, please describe what you need. As a way of referencing, please use the language of the services provided by wpengine.com. I think we can solve this for you with that description.

The needs are:

  • FAS Driven Authentication against the Marketing FAS Group for admin, no more publishers needed. Magazine team as editors, but not publishers.
  • Custom Theme: Design did a beautiful work and still counting with @ryanlerch to make that a WP Theme (fedora-websites#794)
  • I didn't need too much storage, because episodes will be:
  • Stored in secondary01.fedoraproject.org
  • Actual RSS feed is provided by simplecast

Using wpengine.com, I think "Startup Package" sounds good:
1 Site
50 GB of BW
25K visits per month
10 GB of local storage

Also I would like to use simcast plugin but it's not a requirement, I can add the episodes manually.

@bex this description works for you or Am I missing some info?

@x3mboy I think so -- I am looping in @jasonbrooks via email and will keep you up to date

@x3mboy I know that @jasonbrooks is working on Wordpress related ideas. he is starting with Magazine as it is one of our most complex sites. @jasonbrooks can you share some idea of when/if podcasts may be a good fit?

That's awesome. Hopefully we will have news soon

Hi @x3mboy I created a wordpress instance at https://fedorapod.wpengine.com. You can log in at https://fedorapod.wpengine.com/wp-admin using FAS. Once you've logged in, ping me and I can make your account an admin account -- you'll be a subscriber by default.

If you want to use this instance for theme development, you can push that content to the instance via git. Let me know who needs that access and I can set it up w/ them.

@bex, why don't you log as well so I can make you an admin, too.

Once the theme and such is all sorted, we can give this a fedora hostname.

So cool! I'm login in now. Thanks so much

So cool! I'm login in now. Thanks so much

I made you an admin

I have now logged in.

I have now logged in.

You're an admin, too

@jasonbrooks This instance is running inside fedora infra? I mean, when I'm ready to push it, I can open a ticket with infra just to create a DNS entry to point there?

Well, it's not in the Fedora infra, but in a wpengine's fedora managed. @nb and @misc are helping me with the setup of the URL, pointing a DNS to the current fedorapod.wpengine.com

Design was move to a fedora website issue in fedora-websites#1038 and is being worked by @sadin

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