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The Official YouTube account is holding basically Flock sessions.


I think we need to start producing some content in different fronts:

  • How-To's, Tutorials, Hands-On projects about installing, upgrading, configuring stuffs
  • Marketing campaigns. I don't know if we have video editing skills in the team, but basically the idea is to produce Video Campaigns of the Fedora Project.
  • Interviews: people love to hear people talk about stuffs. With the same idea of the podcast we can generate a list of topics to interview people via ring, hangouts, bluejeans or whatever platform and publish them in the channel.
  • Talks, as well is now, we should publish talks, not only flock talks/sessions, but all talks we do around the world. We can ask Ambassadors about their events to make sure they have the support necessary to publish their talks and participation in events.

I really like to receive your feedback about using YouTube and take advantage of this platform to reach a bigger audience.

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We have a lot of good content in Fedora Magazine (Tutorials, tips and tricks, how to) many of them suitable to be translated to video, by example:

https://fedoramagazine.org/add-speech-fedora-system/ (will be a funny video)
https://fedoramagazine.org/enhancing-smart-backups-duply/ (one series of technical content)

or the how to upgrade between releases.

Another content could be classrooms or hack sessions (if it was done over bluejeans or youtube)
every time (ok with some technical problems) the content is awesome and it will be suitable for the main youtube channel.

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I will do a trial with 2 videos. I will use one of the articles suggested by @bt0dotninja and the other one will be the newest article (today's article):

i will OBS to record the VM and add some audio (this will probably a problem, but I will do my best to use some audio with permission or free/open audio track). Probably this will be ready at Friday, but I still will need access to the YouTube account or that the owner upload the video.

I like all of these suggestions. Tutorials are great, but they require a lot of time to create (and can become out of date on a fast-moving platform like Fedora). One other idea for getting started, similar to interviews, is to have a short list of questions that people can submit video answers to. We'd edit it to flow smoothly and post. Questions could be something like:

  • What is your name?
  • What do you contribute to Fedora (if you're a contributor)?
  • How do you use Fedora?
  • Why did you choose Fedora?
  • What's one interesting thing you'd like people to know about you?

And then they could end with "I am <name>, and I am Fedora" or some other catch phrase.

In my mind, this looks something like the "Secret Life of Scientists" produced by PBS. Relatively short, not a major production, and featuring the people of Fedora.

Are you talking to have something like the How do you Fedora? series in the Magazine?

Yeah, a lot like that. We could use a unified question set and end up with both a video and magazine article, but I think it'd be good to have them somewhat unique. But we could try to coordinate them such that the video publishes before the magazine and then the magazine can include a link to the video.

Here's a more expanded version of my proposal: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Bcotton/I_Am_Fedora

Suggestions welcome.

Do we want "I Am Fedora" swag to go with this?

We might. My inclination is to see if it catches on before we invest in swag. But we could at least create a "I am Fedora" badge to give to people who participate. I'll add that to my wiki page.

Worth noting, similar work at a different angle in fedora-diversity#31. See the video preview here.

I love this idea. @bcotton, When we can have a first try/beta video?

Also, we can ask for a Badge for people that make a video.

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we need to design and document the process of sharing and uploading videos to the official account, wdyt?

we need to design and document the process of sharing and uploading videos to the official account, wdyt?

This needs to be done regardless of the status of @bcotton ‘s fantastic proposal. Can you draft one and the. We can use it as a model for other social media.

Well, the current flow for mktg videos is:

  1. Create a high quality video
  2. Upload to a storage service with link sharing
  3. Sent the link to and description of the video to one of the next:
    - Social Media team ML
    - Alberto Rodriguez - @bt0dotninja
    - Me
  4. One of the above upload the video to YouTube
  5. A mail is sent to Social Media team to promote it (unless the Social Media team was the uploader of the video)

I think we need to come up with a different flow for this or with some quality minimal requirements, maybe?

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