#256 Flok 2017 - talk proposal "Marketing - tasks and visions"
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Hello people,

you know my talk proposal has been accepted, so I shall give a talk at Flock this year.
I announced the guiding lines few weeks ago in ML an the talk itself is scheduled here.

Now the time to dive in is come, and I would share the skeleton of the topics I wanna touch in the 60 minutes long talk.

I'd like to split the talk in three parts:

1) intro and tasks(who am I and what Marketing is doing):

2) Visions: what Marketing could do:

  • bidirectional Council inputs;
    • targets input from Council;
    • required tools/people/budget to reach the targets approved;
    • target inputs to the Council;
    • required tools/people/budget to reach the targets approved;
  • bidirectional Ambassadors inputs;
    • goals input from the Ambassador;
    • considerations about the proposals;
      • required tools/people/budget to reach the goals approved;
    • goals input to the Ambassador;
    • goals to reach and tools/people/budget available;
  • marketing.next inputs bidirectional with "Outreach Commitee");
    • putting all together in the "Outreach Committee";

3) brainstorming:

  • how people imagine marketing job?;
  • what people expect from Marketing?;
  • what are the steps to reach the complete marketing utility;

Of course, related to the brainstorming part, I would need a help in order to keep the discussion within acceptable limits.
In addition I'd like someone who's able to understand all the inputs that likely will come, because I'm not English native and sometimes I have some difficult to understand all the acccent or the pronunciation that this level of audience could show.

That's all, so far.

I'm looking forward for your considerations.

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry, I started writting a comment, but I never finished.

Right now, the topics are really good. I recommend you to take a look to the Sub-Project Report that Brian and I did with the Council. Please if it's possible to make a connection or record the session to know how is everything going, also I will be connected by IRC and telegram, if you want/need to ask anything.

Here the only point missing is the target separation and the Education/Student Focused campaigns. These should align with other initiative to do both: Focus in Students and Target audiences.

The Communication with other projects, like Ambassadors is a great topic to bring to the table, because right now is a little broken or depending in too few people.

Also, we need to update a lot of info like social media account (managers, use of each account, access and publications), contacts with the media (who manage this contacts, or even if we have it), also we need to align our efforts with the design team to create material, like presentation templates, flyers templates, also we need to align with L10N or G18N to translate the material we produce, and to finish we need to create/update the marketing SOPs.

Hello Eduard,

It's all right, but you have to consider few things here:

1) Flock is for contributors already in the project, so I don't think we have to ask for contribution; we have to find people by exploiting events around the world.

2) I have only an hour for the talk.

3) Flock is usually used to propose new ways of doing, new projects or news in general to the community.

So, I'd like to not linger on what we are doing rather on what I'd like we could do. The real points I would reach as soon as possible are the #2 and #3, because I want to see marketing making a level jump, without prejudice to the current work. So I want to involve people attending to new ideas and to lead the way.

My talk is not a report of what we're doing or what we need.



Unfortunately it's too late to change any topic, because my presentation is quite ready and my flight will happen in a couple of days.

Thanks all for your suggests.


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