#25 get zikula-module-filterutil packaged and reviewed
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Context below.

<mchua> itbegins: sorry I missed your ping last night, everything's going ok?

<itbegins> mchua: Seems to be, would be nice to get pagemaster/feeds rolled out though

<mchua> itbegins: there are two things I wanted to ask you about, I can put them in tickets somewhere if you'd like... yeah, pagemaster/feeds was one of them

<mchua> itbegins: I'm not sure what needs to happen for the reviewing process to go through; it sounded like they need to be repackaged (separately?) but I think that's probably something that you and abadger1999 need to work out, if you haven't already done so

<mchua> (I don't think I have the understanding of infra, packaging, and/or zikula modules needed to be of much help in this regard, other than poking people who know more than I do for help...)

<itbegins> mchua: Ok, so I think we came to the conclusion we'd package separately

<itbegins> mchua: But it should be a simple task for someone who knows what they are doing

<itbegins> mchua: it requires a change to one file in filterUtil, and we're ready to go

<mchua> itbegins: Ok - mether was asking what the status was on that, so I think he should be able to make those changes pretty quickly

<mchua> itbegins: do you think you could work that out with him (ping him on the ticket or via email or somesuch)?

<mchua> (I'm happy to pop in and help in any way you think would make this easier, but Rahul's the one with mad packaging skillz)

<itbegins> mchua: Sure ok

Simon needs to take someone through packaging the filterutil module and an updated pagemaster.

Here's an initial attempt at packaging. I don't know anything about zikula so I don't think I should be the packager of this but this should get Simon and someone else started. This is untested and I'm sure that there's a bunch of things wrong with it (where it installs, simon had one thing that he noted needed to be patched, maybe the layout of the module). Still this should give people somewhere to start as I've:

Ok, the changes that must be made here.

Ref: http://code.zikula.org/filterutil/browser/trunk/FilterUtil.class.php
Line 16: define('FILTERUTIL_CLASS_PATH', 'includes/pnobjlib/FilterUtil');

Must be changed in the package to
define('FILTERUTIL_CLASS_PATH', 'config/classes/FilterUtil');

FilterUtil.class.php should then be in config/classes, and the FilterUtil directory should be a subdirectory of config/classes.

That's it for filter util.

Pagemaster has been split to a separate ticket, #65.

Rahul, are you willing to take the package from here since you also have pagemaster?

I am not in the office till next week. I will look into this on Monday.

* http://toshio.fedorapeople.org/packages/zikula-module-filterutil.spec
* http://toshio.fedorapeople.org/packages/zikula-module-filterutil-0-0.2.20090915svn15.fc11.src.rpm
* http://toshio.fedorapeople.org/packages/zikula-module-filterutil-0-0.2.20090915svn15.fc11.noarch.rpm

Merged in Simon's changes.

Review request is at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=526595 - as soon as that passes, we can install this on publictest and we are good to go.

Milestone F12b: Alpha to Beta deleted

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