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The Fedora Infrastructure team is planning on sunsetting Fedora Hosted repositories in the coming future (tried finding where this announcement or discussion originally happened, but had a hard time finding it).

Eventually, the idea is for all projects using Fedora Hosted to migrate to Pagure. We will be expected / planned to be migrated in the foreseeable future.


There are some tools available to assist in migrating Trac to Pagure, although it is under testing and not yet fully tested. We would need to check with the Infrastructure team about the status of this tool.

Enhancement Recommendation

We have one of two options.

Start fresh

We could move to Pagure and begin using it today, at the expense of losing past history / discussions on old tickets.

Try the migration tool

We could try using the migration tool being developed to move our project over (since we are only tickets and not a git repository, I imagine this will be easier to do?).

To be discussed at the next meeting.

Discussed in 2016-06-29 meeting.

There is a Pagure importer tool with support for FedoraHosted repositories. However, at the current time, it does ''not'' support migrating attachments. With that in mind, it might be a better option to wait for this tool to mature first and revisit this later on, once attachments are tested and supported.

Thanks nirik for providing an update on the tool's status in the meeting. For now, we will remove this from the meeting agenda and revisit at a later date.

More specific information about migrating attachments is in this issue.


The Pagure Importer tool recently added support for attachments. The Marketing Trac can now migrate to Pagure.

background analysis

All fedorahosted.org instances (including Trac) are targeted to become obsolete in 2017. This means all existing instances will be moved or removed. Migrating on our own will save us time in the future, give us time to adapt to a new tool, and save work for the Fedora Infrastructure team later on.

The tool was demonstrated by cverna in Exhibit A (excluding tags in import) and Exhibit B (including tags in import). A fair amount of manual work in updating tags, milestones, and priorities will be needed, but it's better to begin doing that now than even months later.

implementation recommendation

  1. Play with test repos a little more to figure out how we could adapt Pagure to our needs
  2. Set target date for migration (Near two weeks from today? I am hoping to migrate the CommOps one on 2016-08-29, could be nice to do them together)
  3. At date, move to new, official repository
  4. Verify successful migration (all tickets present? all attachments moved? all data accounted for?)
  5. Update tags, milestones, priorities, other settings for Pagure
  6. Give Trac one more month just in case of any mishaps, ensure all team documentation points to Pagure instead of Trac
  7. Request closure of Trac instance

Discussed in 2016-08-29 meeting.

Coming soon

So if the hint of this being styled in Markdown doesn't tell you, we discussed the migration in today's meeting. The Trac=>Pagure migration tool is ready to be used for moving our Trac over to Pagure. It's been tested on the CommOps Trac already, as shown here in Exhibit A.

Date for the move

Monday, 2016-08-29 (time TBD)


I am CC'ing cverna to this ticket, one of the developers of the migration tool, so if anything changes that might this migration back, he can share it with us here.

For now, I think we're on target for the move.

Thanks to some new changes and support upstream by @cverna, this migration was successful! Will leave this issue open for another month (2016 October 5) to ensure everything has migrated as expected.

Trac now read-only

The Trac instance was updated today to only be read-only. From now on, no new tickets or changes can be made to existing tickets in Trac. At the end of September, we will follow up with our request to permanently delete and remove the Trac instance from fedorahosted.org.

Redirect requested

I requested a redirect from the Trac to the Pagure repository in fedora-infrastructure#5501.

Migration complete

The migration from Trac to Pagure is officially complete. The redirect is in place from the Trac URL to Pagure. The Trac no longer exists. All issues are imported into Pagure. Closing ticket as "fixed".

I, for one, welcome our new Pagure overlords!

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