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Global statistics on translation levels of fedora products
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This project aims at computing global statistics for Fedora/Linux operating system.


It is licensed as AGPL3.0 for its content generation, and MIT for the website layout.

It uses content from CLDR, licensed under the Unicode Inc. License Agreement.

It publishes content (compendiums, terminologies and translation memories) extracted from Fedora packages, which are upstream packages. Please refer to each Fedora package licenses to get all licenses.

Run it on Fedora

dnf install podman
./runall.sh 39

This takes from 10 to 20 hours to process, you may wish to reduce the number of packages to scan.
To do that, read the `./runall.sh` comments.

# Run it anywhere

podman run -it --rm -v ./:/src:z -v ./results:/src/results:z -e DNF_CONF=dnf_${release}.conf -e TMP_DIR=/src/results/f${release}/tmp fedlocstats:39 $script