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+ ![welcome_banner](https://pagure.io/design/issue/raw/files/78b81938f4ec1fcede57929a325d23de5344a777f13c02817f1c2740732aee57-banner.png)


  Welcome to Fedora!



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I have added the requested image to the README.md file

Thank you @sash713 to take care of this task.
Looking at the new readme, the image looks a bit... too big! 😅 At least on my mobile phone.
I think you should try to resize it. Well, I don't know what is the best size.
I don't even know if the markdown syntax used here provides some way to handle images in different screens (CSS? And the like).

In addition, when you decide to carry on a task, it's a good rule to add a comment to the ticket where the task is described. This will notify other people that someone is already working on it, and it will avoid that another person will start to work on the same issue (or on the other hand, they can propose to collaborate with you).

okay sure. To solve that issue I will have to locally resize the image and then upload it. I will also comment on the ticket

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