#266 Temporary membership for @gastoner
Closed: Fixed 5 months ago by alciregi. Opened 6 months ago by jgrulich.


I would like to ask for a temporary Join SIG membership for @gastoner. He is a student who works on Fedora MediaWriter and already started "Welcome to Fedora" some time ago. Primary reason for this membership is to have his blog posts posted on Fedora Planet.

- https://pagure.io/fedora-join/Welcome-to-Fedora/issue/201
- https://egastablog.wordpress.com/

Thank you.




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there are +3 votes here, (not that we decided on voting for this particular aspect of our work), so I think it's OK to proceed with processing this ticket @alciregi

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5 months ago

@gastoner added to the fedora-join FAS group

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5 months ago

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