#201 Welcome to Fedora @gastoner!
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Hello @gastoner ! Welcome to Fedora!

Before we begin, please subscribe to the Fedora join mailing list at
We use this list for general discussion, and it is also where the community
shares tasks that need help.

These links are a good read to begin with. They tell you what the Free/Open
Source community is about, and then they'll introduce you to Fedora: what
Fedora is all about, and what we do, and of course, how we do it:

Next, when you're ready, could you please introduce yourself (preferably on
the list) so that the community can get to know you? (interests, skills,
anything you wish to say about yourself really)

Finally, could you let us know how you learned about the Fedora project? Was it
from a colleague, or social media, for example?

If you have any questions at all, please ask! We'll use this ticket to keep in
touch! :)


My name is Evžen Gasta and I live in Czech Republic.
Currently I'm studying FIT VUT in Brno and I would like to share my news from development
of my Bachelor's thesis. About which am I writing a blog. I'm using Fedora for 3 years so far.
I would say, that I have quite good knowlage of C and Python.
I've learned about Fedora project from long-time member @jgrulich

Thanks for opportunity to join

Hello @gastoner, how are you?
Do you have any question?

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Hello @gastoner, how are you?
Do you have any question?

Hi @alciregi, I'm fine.
I'm still working on new genration of Fedora Media Writer.
I would like to write new blog post, hopefully I will be able to share it on Fedora Planet.

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