#9886 Access problem to "https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/videos/"
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Hello I have problem to access "https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/videos/" video share <- (I'm also member of video group)

ssh thunderbirdtr@secondary01.fedoraproject.org doesn't work and gives me perm denied public key error but other places like fedorapeople/pagure/fedora dist git are working.

Is there any permission problem or should I something extra other then ssh key

Thank you.


do you added your ssh key to https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/ ?


Yes I already did it. Basic proof is, I can access my fedora people, pagure and fedora dist-git but not video share.

The account is there and looks fine, but it's not accepting whatever ssh keys you are offering. ;(

Can you doublecheck that a 'ssh-add -L' shows one of these two:

ssh-rsa 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 astrapel@kyanite
ssh-rsa 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 astrapel@lygdamus

(those are the ones in the account system)

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@thunderbirdtr any news here? Still failing? Are you sure your ssh key is right?

If you let us know the date/time of a try we can look at logs...

Hello, sorry for late answer, I checked the keys and I'm still getting error (Keys are correct) I am using that keys for other stuff like I said for "packager/fedora people stuff" so all works except secondary01 is not working.

I just tried before making a comment again so , it is still failing it.

# ssh thunderbirdtr@secondary01.fedoraproject.org

thunderbirdtr@secondary01.fedoraproject.org: Permission denied (publickey).

Strange. Heres what I see in logs:

Apr 26 21:42:40 secondary01 sshd[3384071]: Failed publickey for thunderbirdtr from redactedip port 451
48 ssh2: RSA SHA256:xA50DSn5EP9tBQzTO/+fztxQFAUmJGGDskIHzn5XOg0
Apr 26 21:42:41 secondary01 sshd[3384071]: Failed publickey for thunderbirdtr from redactedip port 451
48 ssh2: RSA SHA256:jMg372dzBHrKGx+KTIkzvd+Nn2HXnXTckwerwMyq6lA
Apr 26 21:42:41 secondary01 sshd[3384071]: Connection closed by authenticating user thunderbirdtr 173.249.
30.108 port 45148 [preauth]

Can you attach the output of:

ssh -vvv thunderbirdtr@secondary01.fedoraproject.org

Ah ha. Nevermind. I think we found the problem.

Please try again now?

Thank you, It is working now.

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