#9689 Ipsilon returning 500 error when trying to login to Bugzilla using FAS
Closed: Fixed 4 days ago by pingou. Opened 5 days ago by ankursinha.

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While trying to login to Bugzilla with FAS, Ipsilon returns a 500 internal error (at 0818 UTC, Feb 23 2021). I have a Kerberos ticket active if that makes a difference.

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Whenever convenient please. We ask folks on Ask Fedora etc. to use their FAS to login to bugzilla to file bugs.


This should be fixed.

This is SAML being annoying, it also show with AWS (cf https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/9287 ).
The solution is to delete the different ipsilon pods, one by one using:

oc -n ipsilon delete pod/<pod-name>

For example:

oc -n ipsilon delete pod/ipsilon-31-7hwr2

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