#961 wiki: please add page category and author to subject of rss feed

Created 9 years ago by thl
Modified 3 years ago

Over the past few years I was able to easily follow what happens in the big Fedora land by watching the changes in the wiki closely. For that I'm subscribed to the wiki's rssfeed and read it closely.

That worked really well, but the wiki changes that have been done over the past few months (switching to a different wiki software; the "New Organizational Schema" for pages) seriously broke by workflow. Two examples:

  • until now I was able to sort all the changes by name and got all pages that were relevant for EPEL or the FeatureProcess easily, as the pages all started with the name "EPEL/" or "Feature/"; that's not the case anymore with the "New Organizational Schema"

  • MoinMoin had the author info in the Subject; hence when I saw that pfrields did a change I took a closer look

Hence I'd ask if the category and the author of a change could get mentioned in a subject in a form like this:

<category> - <pagename> - <author>

Hey, sorry I haven't given any update on this for a while. I'm not very familiar with how mediawiki's RSS feeds work, CCing ianweller to see if he knows whether those fields can be customized.

taking this ticket so that it's in my Giant List of Things to Get Done.

Do you still need this? I can look into it if you do.

I will look into this soon.

I have not yet looked into this, sorry for that, but it's been so long that I doubt it's even still requested.

I will close this ticket now, but if you still want this, please re-open.

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