#9541 make aarch64-test01.fedorainfracloud.org maintainer-test instance in aws
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Since our arm hardware at RDU2 is still off line and will be likely for a while, lets spin up a instance in aws for maintainers to test with.

Perhaps @mobrien could do this.

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6 months ago

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6 months ago

I have put up an instance aarch64-test01.fedorainfracloud.org in AWS with f33.
Some follow up questions

  1. We used to have 2 of these, will I put up another?

  2. Do we see this staying in AWS or going to RDU2 when infra becomes available? I could clean up a few lines in Ansible if it's staying in AWS.

  3. Is it ok to just have f33 or do we need other versions?

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6 months ago

1 is probibly fine for now.

I think we will move back to rdu2 once we have that hardware on. It would then be identical to the hardware in the build system.

I think just f33 is fine, people can use mock chroots for other things. ;)

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6 months ago

Thanks Kevin, I'll update the wiki now and close

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