#9513 Folks from Element need information about single sign on
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We're doing a pilot of an official Matrix server hosted and run as SaaS for us by Element. They need to know things about our SSO that are beyond what I know, especially with the Noggin Future. Can someone be available for a quick meeting with Ben and others from Element to discuss?

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They're ready to go as soon as we're ready to pay, which we are, so... soon?

Sure, happy to, or they are welcome to ask for info here.

Ideally they support OIDC or SAML2.

@abompard and the others in the team may be able to help out also.

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4 months ago

Also, I've let the folks at Element know about this ticket, so if y'all want to set up a meeting without me and get things figured out without a person in the middle, that's cool. Or I can help coordinate. Whatever is best!

Synapse supports both OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0. I assume that EMS uses Synapse, so I would suggest setting up OpenID Connect credentials for them.

Any news here? Anyone that we can CC here? Happy to provide them info as soon as we know what they want...

@mattdm did you see @kevin's question above? Do you still need anything from us?

We're still working on the RH compliance side of things. So actual implementation is currently blocked.

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