#9465 Move builders to Fedora 33
Opened 18 days ago by kevin. Modified 18 days ago

Builders in prod are currently f32. We should move them to f33.

There's a few things that we need before doing that however:

  • More testing in staging (I moved staging to f33 last week)
  • currently 32 bit arm vm's are not working with rhel8.3 (under investigation).

  • We want to also enable at the same time mock bootstrap mode (enabled in staging)

  • We also want to move to uefi for armv7 vm's, which will make them update kernels just like everything else and allow us to drop a bunch of special handling in the virt-instance task

When we are ready we can move things without an outage, by taking them out, reinstalling or upgrading and re-adding.

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