#9118 src.fp.o fork stuck in "updating permissions" (not writable, not deletable)
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by pingou. Opened 2 years ago by decathorpe.

Describe what you would like us to do:

I created this fork a few days ago:

It's stuck in the "regenerating permissions" stage, I cannot push to it, and I cannot delete it. I no longer need it either (I pushed to the non-fork repo directly instead). Please delete the broken fork repo.

When do you need this to be done by?

It would be great to have this gone before I need to submit the next PR / update for this package, which is probably in a few weeks.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

On pkgs01.iad2:

# pagure-admin read-only rpms/jackson-bom  --user decathorpe --ro false
Using configuration file `/etc/pagure/pagure.cfg`
The read-only flag of the project forks/decathorpe/rpms/jackson-bom has been set to False

Should be all good now :)

Let us know if you need anything else!

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2 years ago

I was able to delete the fork. Thanks!

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