#8200 src.fp.o API is not reliable lately
Opened a month ago by ignatenkobrain. Modified a month ago

- Auto-approving the new branch request for "f31" on rpms/pdfarranger
- Checking for PDC global-component pdfarranger
- Checking for existing PDC branch (rpm)pdfarranger#f31
- Creating PDC branch (rpm)pdfarranger#f31
- Mapping SL bug_fixes:2020-09-15 to (rpm)pdfarranger#f31
- Mapping SL security_fixes:2020-09-15 to (rpm)pdfarranger#f31
- Generating the Gitolite ACLs on rpms/pdfarranger
Error: A failure occurred while generating the Gitolite ACLs of a project in Pagure at https://src.fedoraproject.org/api/0/rpms/pdfarranger/git/generateacls. The status code was "404". The error was "".

I remember getting these at least 4-5 times in past.

Huh. Do we even need gitlolite acls anymore? @pingou ?

Is it always at that step? or changes? There's another bug about occassional 404's too...

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a month ago

I don't remember if it is always on this step. I'll observe this and report.

Huh. Do we even need gitlolite acls anymore? @pingou ?

It ends up calling https://pagure.io/pagure-dist-git/blob/master/f/dist_git_auth.py#_274 which as you can see just does pass :)

So that API call could be dropped in our case :)

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