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I am trying to revive Machine learning SIG in Fedora and it would be very nice and handy to have a FAS group for it. It can help us to easily contribute to ML packages (which we'll get permissions to the group to do so), find all ML related packages and work on common projects in COPR.

I am doing something like this for the first time, so I'm sorry if there is something missing.

Please, let me know if I can provide any more information.

Unfortunately, there's already a user called ml-sig, which means we cannot create a new group with the same name.
Do you have a proposal for another name for the FAS group?

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Thank you for the info. IIRC the user "ml-sig" was created for the same purpose as the proposed group. I don't know who did it and whether or not it can be removed but I cannot find any activity or content related to that user.

Please, keep this issue open for a while. I'll try to find some solution soon.

From other groups, it seems that the "ml-sig" name would be the best and much better than just "ml".

I cannot find any useful info about "ml-sig" user. There is no wiki page, no bugs with that user, no user page on src.fedoraproject.org etc. The only info I found is some emails from 2016 on devel@ mailing list about orphaned packages which were delivered also to ml-sig because the user was co-maintaining some packages.

@besser82 could you please help us? I see that you are a maintainer of packages where "ml-sig" had some privileges. Would it be possible to remove that user and create "ml-sig" group instead? Or is "ml-sig" user still useful somehow?

@besser82 seems to be inactive, unfortunately. Please, keep this issue open for a while. If I won't be able to find a person responsible for the ml-sig user, I'll propose another name for the group.

Ok, it might not make sense to wait. I've communicated this problem od IRC and ti seems that it's not possible to delete a virtual FAS user no matter how useless or useful it is.

Could you please create a FAS group with a simple name "ml"?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, that's too short. Group names must be at least three characters.

I can do mlsig or the like if you'd like.
Or machine-learning-sig?

I think that machine-learning-sig is better. Thank you!

Would it be possible to create the group?

The machine-learning-sig has been created and you are the administrator. It is a pkgdb group like other package groups.

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