#7953 Bodhi is spamming RHBZ with update submitted comments
Closed: Upstream 8 months ago by kevin. Opened 8 months ago by elyscape.

Bodhi seems to be continually reprocessing the "update submitted" event and is repeatedly posting comments to this effect on Red Hat Bugzilla (see for example RHBZ#17722190).

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8 months ago

This issue appears to be related to the wiki outage in #7942. Bodhi's update handler first updates associated bugs and then fetches test cases from the wiki. Since the wiki is not available, the second step is failing, and retries result in new comments being posted to Bugzilla.

The wiki is back, the comments have stopped as far as I can tell.

I filed https://github.com/fedora-infra/bodhi/issues/3361 upstream to have bodhi fix this... poor behavior.

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8 months ago

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