#7728 Provide EFI binaries for boot.fedoraproject.org
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It would be really nice if BFO provided a binary that could be run directly by EFI firmware, or by loaders that manage EFI binaries (e.g. systemd-boot). Right now AFAICT there isn't a trivial way for me to set up BFO on my UEFI laptop without installing something extra like GRUB that can chainload something.

We will be retiring BFO after F30 is released. We do not have the resources to continue to run this or add new features.

Aw. That's too bad, though I understand. Is it the bandwidth? Or just that the service isn't used enough to justify the maintenance?

We run around a hundred different mini-services inside of Fedora with many of them left over from people who thought something was a good idea but moved onto some other good idea. We are trying to cut down to the ones which are core to making Fedora. From previous stats, about 1 person a week uses the service so it is not one we have a large number of users.

Is there anything else or may I close this ticket?

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5 months ago

Nothing else. Thanks for your time and your hard work.

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