#7680 retrace.fp.org is not able to send mail through bastion
Closed: Fixed a year ago by kevin. Opened a year ago by mkutlak.

From logs:

retrace01.qa.fedoraproject.org postfix/smtp[26539]: connect to bastion.phx2.fedoraproject.org[]:25: Connection refused
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    Allow connection from retrace.fp.org to bastion. (I guess a fw rule for bastion is not defined.)

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Email communication from that box had been explicitly blocked a bit ago, because the box sent such an amount of email that it was breaking other mailservers.
If this has now been fixed, we can unblock it, but then we'd like to have verification that rate limiting is now in place.


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a year ago

thank you for looking into it.

We've implemented rate limiter in faf-1.3.1

We currently use:
# rpm -q faf

With rate limiting configuration in place:
# tail -n 7 /etc/faf/plugins/web.conf
# Number of mails that can be sent per the time frame
rate = 1
# Time to wait (in seconds) before another mail can be sent
timeframe = 30
# Start the throttling after this number of mails is sent
burst = 1



Okay, I'll get you unblocked.
However, I did notice the other day that no updates have been run on this system for quite a while, and it has a high uptime.
If you could run a yum update, and then reboot the machine, I'll unblock sending email after that is done.


The retrace server was just updated and rebooted.


You should be able to send email again. Please test and I will close.

The mails are working now.

Thank you!

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a year ago

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