#7586 Subscription preferences page lacks selected radio buttons
Closed: Upstream 5 years ago by kevin. Opened 5 years ago by cipherboy.

Description of problem:

On Postorius, it is possible for radio button groups to not have a selected member. I believe this occurs primarily when the user is auto-subscribed to a list through one of two actions:

  • Group membership auto-joins a list. (e.g., package maintainers get auto-subscribed to devel-announce.
  • When posting on a new mailing list via the Web UI.

Prior to changing my settings, both devel-announce and freeipa-users looked the same. However, I was actively receiving deliveries to the former but not to the latter. This seems to imply that the backend data store does have a value, but it isn't getting shown to the web UI until the setting is changed. When the setting is changed, it does correctly show a value.

Screenshots (image upload wasn't working):
- On the overview of all lists -- here
- Inside a particular list -- here

Describe what you need us to do:

Perhaps updating Postorius will help, I'm not sure.

When do you need this? (YYYY/MM/DD)

No rush.

When is this no longer needed or useful? (YYYY/MM/DD)

When the radio buttons begin getting checked by default? :)

If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

Minimal confusion about the current state of settings.

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5 years ago

@abompard can you look/move upstream?

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5 years ago

Thanks for reporting, indeed the radio buttons in Postorius are unchecked when the setting hasn't been changed from Mailman's defaults, which is a usability issue (and it has been reported in the past. It's related to the following issues:
- https://gitlab.com/mailman/postorius/issues/110
- https://gitlab.com/mailman/postorius/issues/188

Updating Postorius requires updating Mailman which requires rebuilding it and all its dependencies for the new Python 3.6 that EPEL now has, because newer versions of Mailman depend on Python 3.5+.

Doing this work hasn't been prioritized very high in the team's objective, so I can guarantee when I'll get around to doing it. I'd be happy for any help, though.

I'll close this upstream then, and the work can be tracked there...


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5 years ago

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