#7537 New fedmsg IRC bot: #fedora-badges
Closed: Fixed 13 days ago by pingou. Opened a year ago by jflory7.


Create new fedmsg IRC bot for #fedora-badges channel from relevant Fedora Badges activity


The Badges team wants a fedmsg bot for the following activities:

A "pie-in-the-sky" notification would be Ansible runs specifically related to Fedora Badges, if possible.


  1. Update ircbot.py to add bot based on above criteria for #fedora-badges Freenode IRC channel
  2. Run Ansible playbooks to push the bot
  3. Done!


Helps Badges team stay on top of new activity in important parts of Badges

Metadata Update from @bowlofeggs:
- Issue priority set to: Waiting on Assignee (was: Needs Review)

a year ago

Anyone have a chance to look at this one? If I see it done correctly, I think I can complete these tickets on my own in the future. Only getting updates for new issues/comments from fedmsg was the tricky part for me.

@jflory7 was this done ? or is it still needed ?

@cverna It is not done. And still needed. :smiley:

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