#6565 mailbox.org is blacklisted
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Friend of mine just wanted to sign up for a FAS account and the sign up was rejected with "mailaddress blacklisted". He used his mailbox.org mailaddress.

Mailbox.org is a (imho) very good, german mailprovider which cares a lot about security and privacy of their users. I wonder how and why it's blacklisted.

Maybe someone can have a look and fix this, since it' really prevents him from using all the awesome fedora services :smile:

Mailbox.org was used by a group of spammers last year to create a large number of accounts which were then used to spam the wiki. After trying to report problems to them we ended up blacklisting the site. We can look at removing this blacklist as the problem has been over a year since it happened.

That would be nice :)

And it's sad to hear that these services are abused like that.

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2 years ago

I have removed mailbox.org

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2 years ago

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