#6500 chinese@l.fp.o info page on HyperKitty
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Hi all,

First of all, this issue is basically a repost of the email to the infra list. It got no reply, and finally @cheeselee pointed me to here.

When I check out the HyperKitty info page of the chinese@l.fp.o mailing
, I see something like this:

Fedora 中文組郵件列表

That is, the description is in raw HTML entities, instead of Chinese

How can we fix this?

Besides, can we show links/URLs in the description? It will be nice to have.

And, can list admins update the description via the web interface? I was
one of the list admins for the chinese list in the Mailman2 era. Does the
admin privilege carry over to HyperKitty?


@abompard can you take a look here?

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6 years ago

I wonder if it's an import from Mailman 2 bug. Could you edit the description and tell me if the characters are still escaped? Thanks.

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6 years ago

Can I edit? I cannot find how I can edit in the web interface...

(Besides, today lists.fp.o takes very long (~30s) to load a page for me. But could be other temporal issue.)

Yes, if you are logged-in and you click on "Settings", you can change the description :

You need to be one of the list owners to do that.

@abompard I got a 403 for that link. So I'm not one of the list owners. Can you check who are the list owners, and add me there if possible?

If you don't mind I would rather you ask them directly. You can reach the list owners by sending an email to chinese-owner@lists.fedoraproject.org.

@abompard Thanks for the nice tip! I was not aware of such special list. I've sent out emails to the list. Hope someone there will step up and take this issue.

Interesting issue since it's my first time using hyperkitty, still unfamiliar with it. I immediately noticed these garbled texts. Texts should be unescaped.

Examine via here[1].


Seems fixed. Can I close the issue?

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6 years ago

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