#6097 Point the bootstrap:master module PDC record to module-bootstrap-master
Closed 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by psabata.

Following the resolution of releng#6791, please update the bootstrap module PDC record for the master stream so that it now points to module-bootstrap-master tag.

bootstrap:f26 should be left unchanged and should still point to f26-modularity.

Thank you.

@ralph This is probably for you.

Note the tag that was actually created is named module-bootstrap-rawhide. So let's use that.

@ralph, please also change the "commit: ae993ba84f4bce554471382ccba917ef16265f11" in the modulemd of bootstrap-master to "something" different, otherwise MBS will try to reuse the packages from wrong stream, because the commit hash is currently the same in both modules...

It does not even have to be the valid real existing commit hash from the bootstrap dist-git. It only has to be different from the bootstrap-f26, because the content is also different now when bootstrap-master points to different tag.

Metadata Update from @ralph:
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

5 years ago

Seems to work okay. Thanks.

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