#5480 Stage & Prod VMs for OSBS Scale
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This ticket is in support of scaling out OSBS for production use. Taiga tracker is here: https://taiga.fedorainfracloud.org/project/acarter-fedora-docker-atomic-tooling/us/633?no-milestone=1

Please have these in place by Oct 14 if possible.

Details from Adam Miller...

I need 4 total machines (2 machines in stage and 2 machines in prod), all 4 setup from the Infra side exactly as the osbs-master01 and osbs-master02 machines were. Same Network, RAM, Storage, CPUs, etc.

  1. What network resources does it need?

I don't know enough about the Infra network layout to know the answer to this but whatever the osbs-master01/osbs-master01.stg machines are in is what we would need here as well

  1. Amount of memory needed per system


  1. Amount of disk space needed per system

30G for OS, 100G for docker storage (Exact same setup as osbs-master01/osbs-master01.stg machines)

  1. Number of virtual cores needed per system


  1. Number of systems


  1. NFS storage? And amount if needed.


Would like osbs-node01.stg, osbs-node02.stg, osbs-node01, and osbs-node02 for hostnames please.

I am taking this ticket and am building the boxes. Currently the playbook is a copy of the master with everything after the build initial box section commented out.

Servers have been built.

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