#4621 Access to GNOME backups hosted on backup01: possible plan
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The current situation with GNOME backups is them being hosted on the same machine as Fedora backups. The relevant machine (backup01) is only accessible by sysadmin-main group members.

The current workflow is having me bugging Kevin or opening tickets requesting a certain diff. The workflow is definitely not the preferred way for doing this as it slows down everyone's work as every single request requires time to be processed properly.

The proposed change would be setting up a new VM, creating a new FAS group called sysadmin-gnome with access to the VM and linking a netapp to the VM where all the GNOME backups will reside.

ok. I have finally created the instance: gnome-backups01.phx2.fedoraproject.org and made the sysadmin-gnome group (with you as admin).

How do we want to do the cutover?

I can make a 5TB volume and copy the existing backups to it, but that may well take more than a day, so we should probibly suspend new backups while that is happening. When would be a good time for that?

Next steps I see:

  • copy existing backup data
  • switch backups to run from new vm
  • confirm all is well for a week or so
  • remove old data from old volume

Sorry for the late reply but as reported on IRC I totally missed this ticket. Your proposed plan looks totally OK to me, I'd say we can suspend the backup later today and have the sync run during the weekend when the load is lighter. As soon as the data is synced I'll take care of updating the script and other tools for the new backup machine to take its new role.

Kevin on a side note please enable my root access on the gnome-backup01 machine and allow my user to run playbooks on that host.

Feel free to disable the cron job anytime today.

Thanks for making this happen!

ok. I didn't get to this yesterday, but looked at it today.

It seems there's some issue preventing me from making a new volume. I have mailed the storage folks. Hopefully they can sort it out and I can get it done this weekend still. ;)

ok. The sync is finally done!

I have the volume mounted on gnome-backups01.phx2.fedoraproject.org.

Can you take a look and see if all is well, and enable backups from there ?

I will wait a while before deleting the copy on the old volume.

Sigh. Sadly it seems to have run out of inodes again on the sync. ;(

I doubled the value and restarted the sync.

will let you know when it's finally done.

ok. It is finally really and truely 100% finished. ;)

How are things going?

Let me know when it would be ok for me to remove the old data from our volume.

Backups enabled on the new machine, first run ongoing. We can close the ticket as soon as it's done and successful. It took a few days for a chown to the gnomebackup user to happen but it finally finished earlier today.

First (and second) runs have been successful, I'd say we finally managed to migrate to our own VM / NetApp! Thanks to anyone involved!

Great! I will delete the old data.

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