#453 Make Asterisk/Gstreamer solution for town hall calls
Closed: Fixed None Opened 15 years ago by pfrields.

For Board meetings and other conferences, create a solution that allows people to participate in a conference call whose proceedings are audio-streamed to users at their machines in remote locations.

This probably depends on https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/309 for resolution.

So whats the plan asterisk guys?

Does anyone have time to work on this? I've been saying in the Board IRC meetings for a while that this is coming some day -- if it's not, that would be nice to know too! :-) Maybe this could be the subject of a hackathon at FUDCon F11, if it has a clear leader.

I don't think jcollie has had any time to work on this. Perhaps we can get jsmith working closer? Either way it won't be completed for F10. Moving to F11.

I mentioned this to jsmith -- we might be able to organize some work in advance of, and at, FUDCon for this. I want to hear back from him before saying more.

Fedora Talk has been closed out as of 2011-05-05.

Closing this ticket as well. In the event it's revived, we can reopen this ticket at that time.

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