#4280 Take care of invalid email addresses in bugzilla
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by toshio.

Red Hat bugzilla team has notified us that the red hat email addresses for llim awnuk and osier are no longer going to the package maintainer. I've started the Non-responsive maintainer process for them:


If we hear back that they don't want to maintain, we can get rid of their acls in pkgdb. If we hear back that they do want to maintain, they need to update their email address in fas.

The only package where a package maintainer is involved is redhat-lsb owned by llim. If we don't hear back from him at all in one week we need to post a message to fedora-devel to officially request orphaning that package and then orphan it once a FESCo member acks it.

Since it's a critpath package we probably want to be sure to announce that it is orphaned and needs to be taken as well.

redhat-lsb reassigned to ovasik, taking care of llim's sole package.

osier changed his email account in fas.

awnuk has not responded. We'll remove him if email to him starts bouncing.

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