#3763 enable celery in Ask Fedora
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mails are send sync in Ask Fedora since the production instance doesn't use celery and hence, answering questions or adding comments have become very slow. Askbot can use celery to send emails async. please enable that feature.



evgeny has responded to the post suggesting that enabling celery is easy and not complex.

FWIW, we added a second askbot app server (ask02.phx2.fedoraproject.org) and now have requests load balanced across the two.

We also now have the varnishd cache in front of those ask app servers which should help take some unnecessary load off.

I'm not opposed to running celery in principle, it's just "another thing" we have to watch after and maintain. Do we add nagios checks for celeryd? The infrastructure team is stretched a little bit thin as it is. If its as simple as Evgeny puts it, we can probably manage it, though.

[http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/infrastructure/2013-April/012767.html FranciscoD mentioned that he's interested in helping with infrastructure] which will hopefully help with the load on our administrators.

Hi Rahul,

I've packaged django-post-office up and it's under review now. As soon as it's approved, I'll test it over at staging and see how it goes.


Warm regards,

I've just set up post-office on staging. Mails should now go out hourly. Comments seem to be much quicker now, but we'll need to test it out more.

Applied to production too. Closing.

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