#2572 Consider using Eucalyptus for test VM hosting
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A cloud computing system would let Fedora provide a VM-on-demand environment where contributors can test packages and things on easy-to-create, disposable VMs without fear of causing lasting breakage.

I propose employing [http://open.eucalyptus.com/ Eucalyptus] for this purpose primarily because:
* Eucalyptus is interface-compatible with the popular Amazon EC2
* Eucalyptus is FOSS
* Fedora would avoid credit card accounting hassles and have better control of what resources to devote to this purpose

Eucalyptus Systems's management has made it a priority to get Eucalyptus into Fedora and EPEL. They are also willing to offer free support to Fedora. Right now I am in the process of cleaning up Eucalyptus's packages and removing bundled libraries, so over the next few months I hope to get it and its missing dependencies reviewed and added to the package collection.

I've asked some of Eucalyptus's technical leads to stop in for an IRC meeting to answer any questions that arise, explain things, and so forth. Would the meeting on the 27th work?

Replying to [comment:1 addutko]:

What about OpenStack?

Feedback in the meeting on 04/28/11 indicated we need to have mature packages in Fedora before discussing an approach to implementing this ticket. There seem to be packages on github for RHEL6 for OpenStack and I am uncertain about Eucalyptus.

gholms if you have more information please put it in this ticket.

Where did we end up with this?

Would you still like to come talk with us at a meeting?

Replying to [comment:3 kevin]:

Where did we end up with this?

Would you still like to come talk with us at a meeting?

Last I heard, this was tabled until packages land in the distribution. I can probably stop by in a meeting if you folks would like, though I can't supply much new information yet.

ok, fair enough. How about we revisit this when packages are available.

note that we do have some machines we could test out on as soon as packages are around/easy to install.

yes we are doing this.

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