#2343 EPEL Dep Checker
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by stahnma.

= Project Sponsor =

Project Team (FAS Names): stahnma[[BR]]
Infrastructure Sponsor: mmcgrath [[BR]]

= Project Info =

Project Name: epel dep checker [[BR]]
Target Audience: epel community (users and developers) [[BR]][[BR]]
Expiration/Delivery Date (required): Sep 05 [[BR]] [[BR]]
Description/Summary: We'd like to have regular emails going out to the epel-devel list showing problems for epel stable and possibly the epel-testing repo. Right now there are a number of bugs with dependencies in the stable repo and this hurts epel overall as a repo. However, we have a few hiccups in that CentOS doesn't build a PPC platform and that their are a few differences in packages between CentOS and RHEL (which epel builds against).[[BR]] [[BR]]
Project plan (Detailed): stahnma will work fiddling with repoclosure and at least get x86 and x86_64 deps reviewed and sent to the list. The only thing needed is probably a shell account with no privileges and a place to test the code. Once that code is proven, we could move the job to running as a non-human-specific user. [[BR]] [[BR]]
Goals: Have messages sent to the epel-devel list showing where problems occurring in stable and testing. Mail package owners separately also. Really, the idea is to replicate the process Fedora follows. [[BR]][[BR]]

Sponsoring. I'll work with stahnma probably on IRC. we'll update the ticket as we need to.

I've fixed up things and I think it should run correctly next weekend. ;)

I only had it send the report to the list today to allow folks time to see if anything looks wrong before It spams everyone next weekend. ;)

We can close this then if it looks ok.

This just spammed people correctly as far as I can tell. ;)

Closing now.

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