#2081 Copyright notices on koji and bodhi pages aren't through 2010
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by bruno.

I am not sure if the copyright is supposed to be for the displayed data or the application, but I would expect them to be through 2010 in any case. koji is through 2009 and bohdi is through 2008.

on the koji side its not a bug. since koji has not been updated this year.

To clarify what dennis is saying, the copyright date is for the application code. Since our koji instance hasn't had any code updates this year, the copyright date remains 2009. Bodhi probably does deserve to have a copyright date update in its footer, though.

Bodhi footer updated in git.

Tom is asking legal if this actually matters. If it doesn't I say we just leave it alone.

I'll note that both of these are updated to 2010 now. ;)

So, we could close this? or figure out a policy moving forward...

@mmcgrath - did Tom figure out if it matters?

@kevin - i think we should close it. The new year is around the corner though (something to note). I would think creating a bodhi or koji ticket would probably work out better but i suppose it really depends if is required (see Tom asking legal).

Adding spot here for comment. :)

The basic answer is, if the thing to which the copyright notice applies has been changed since that year, the year should be updated. If there has been no change, however, the year shouldn't be

I'm closing this. New bugs should be filed against koji and bodhi (rather than infrastructure) if the footer isn't updated when a new bodhi/koji is deployed in 2011 (or beyond). As spot says, the footer should only be updated if the code is changed and we deploy a new package in infra. Otherwise, no new copyrightable material so there's no grounds to advance the copyright date.

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