#1995 Cannot view changes for EPEL/FAQ, probably because of CSS surpressing the horizontal scrollbar
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by till.

= phenomenon =

I cannot view this diff for EPEL/FAQ on a 1280x1024 screen, because the horizontal scrollbar is missing:

= reason =

The CSS is configured to not show the horzintal scroll bar. This was also reported in ticket:1438, but there it was about a wiki page not being displayed properly. Instead of fixing the root of the problem, the page was adjusted to display the content. I guess this is not possible for the diff, therefore I open a new bug report.

= recommendation =

Maybe the CSS for diffs could be changed to show a horizontal scrollbar somehow. Ideally the design of the whole page would be reworked to eventually display all contents properly.

It looks like it's flowing text right here. I can see all the content here in a small browser window.

Can you confirm?

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