#1299 Getting a Fedora 10 test server up.
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This is wrt ticket 1197, I am trying to install chandler on publictest15, which runs el5.
Chandler will need python 2.5 to run, but el5 provides only 2.4.
So we will be needing a server that runs something providing python 2.5.
As per conversation with Mike, we decided to get a Fedora server going for testing.

Note that we have publictest1, which is a rawhide install with python 2.6. If that doesn't work and you specifically need python 2.5, I can get a Fedora 10 machine built today.

I was using rawhide1 for the purpose.
Now the requirements are a 32bit machine and python 2.5. :)

Does it absolutely need to be 32 bit? I've been having trouble specifically with building 32 bit virtual machines.

If a 64 bit machine works for you, publictest2 is built now with Fedora 10.

ping, was publictest2 sufficient for your testing?

Please refer to on the latest update.

F10 is not a necessity, but necessity is a 32 bit machine and above python 2.4 (2.5 or 2.6).

I gave this another attempt today with a F12 guest on a different physical machine (osuosl1), and failed again.

Unless somebody can figure out a way past this hurdle, I'm afraid that we'll have to count out chandler if it has this requirement that we're unable to meet at the moment :-(

As we have pretty much settled down to zarafa(right spelling?) I don't think I have this requirement anymore.

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