#11930 Election Candidate Name is not being displayed in Elections App
Closed: Fixed with Explanation a month ago by zlopez. Opened a month ago by amoloney.

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One of the EPEL candidates name is showing as 'None None' in the elections app. Their FAS ID is tdawson, which is being accepted in the candidate add section, but their actual name is not being synced and shown in the app iteself for users to vote.

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ASAP please!

So I don't see First and last names in accounts https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/user/tdawson/
But its set in the fas2 db, and ist properly configured in IPA as well.

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a month ago

I see that the profile in https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/user/tdawson/ is missing plenty of info that is available in IPA. I assume that the elections app is using fasjson to get the information about user and I can confirm that fasjson really returns None for most of the fields. It only knows the username and date of creation.

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a month ago

I tried to run ipa user-find tdawson on ipa01 and it returns all the account details correctly.

Ive just cleared my cache, restarted the browser and app and tried to add Troy again as a new candidate and its still accepting tdawson as the FAS ID but generates 'None None' as the First Last name so something is definitely not reading those fields. @tdawson is this something you can edit in your FAS account directly? Adding the info there might help fasjson return the right info for the elections app.

I can see it in fasjson logs:

[Mon May 20 11:27:18.504885 2024] [auth_gssapi:info] [pid 5356:tid 5378] [client] NO AUTH DATA Client did not send any authentication headers - - [20/May/2024:11:27:18 +0000] "GET /v1/users/tdawson/ HTTP/1.1" 401 236 "-" "python-httpx/0.27.0"

The strange thing is that I see this happening only for tdawson, if I try to look up myself the error is there, but the data are returned.

After doing the request from local fasjson_clientI found the root of this issue. tdawson account was set to private. So it didn't provided any personal information. I disabled the private check so the elections could be started.

@tdawson Feel free to set the privacy back on again after elections.

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a month ago

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a month ago

I didn't know my account was set to private, or even that it was possible. That explains several other minorly annoying things that had been happening. I'm fine leaving it as public.

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